• K-drama brought our family closer

    Posted by Posted by Kaylee Tan on Date Jun 18, 2014 on Date Jun 18, 2014

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    I work in healthcare so I’ve heard about ACP. I always wanted to speak to my mum about it but never had the courage to bring it up. By coincidence, my sis and I were at home with her one weekend. We were watching the “Medical Top Team” korean drama series together. There was a scene where one of the patients’ heart condition deteriorated and fell into a cardiac arrest. The medical team was busy resuscitating him with a machine and he had tubes on his body. It was chaos.

    My sis and I said that we would not want to go through such agony when the time comes. We realised mum was nodding her head too. We probed further and she shared with us her fear about being hospitalised and being hooked to machines and tubes. She was traumatised by our Grandpa’s experience. Grandpa had to undergo all kinds of treatment for his cancer even though it was clear that he wasn’t improving. At the end he just wanted to come home, but mum’s siblings wanted him to stay in the hospital so the doctors could keep trying. Mum was adamant that she did not want to suffer the same fate as him.

    It was the first time that we discussed this topic together. I was scared at first, but it turned out that mum was quite ready to talk about her wishes. It also allowed our family to bond over K-drama!

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