• Practical Tips

    It may be difficult to engage your loved ones to have Advance Care Planning discussion. Many have shared that they do not know how to even introduce this topic to their family members. Here, we have come up with a game you can try to make it fun and less threatening.




    The objective of this game is to get people talking about end-of-life issues in a fun and non-threatening manner.

    Study has shown that playing an end-of-life conversation game motivates people to engage in Advance Care Planning. While it is possible that you may still be unsure about your loved ones’ wishes by the end of this game, see this as something that can get the ball rolling.



    1. A minimum of at least 2 players
    2. A small white board and marker (or paper and pen) for each player
    3. Small pieces of paper to write the question (one question for each paper). After writing down the question, fold the paper and place in a container
    4. Chips or substitute e.g. chocolates and peanuts (optional)


    Game rules 

    1. Every player will place a chip in the centre
    2. One player will take turn to pick a paper and read the question aloud
    3. The reader will write his answer on the white board hidden from the group
    4. The rest of the players will have to guess the answer and write on their own white board
    5. After everyone finished writing, the reader and the other players will disclose their answers simultaneously.
    6. The player that guessed correctly will earn all the chips in the middle.
    7. If no one gets the answer correct, the reader will earn all the chips.
    8. If two or more players get the correct answer, they can share the chips equally.
    9. The winner will be based on who have the most number of chips.
    10. The game continues with the next player on the left choosing the next question.


    Sample questions: 

    You are free to come out with your own list of questions. Here are some sample questions to start you off:

    (Suggestion: Choose questions which you think the participants are comfortable to answer)

    1. One song I want to be played during my wake
    2. If I only have one day to live, I will ___
    3. Where would I like to die?
    4. What is one item I cannot live without?
    5. I rather lose my sense of sight than to lose  ___
    6. I rather lose my ability to walk than to lose ___
    7. Cremation or burial?
    8. What do I want to wear when I die?
    9. What makes me most happy in life?
    10. What is my favourite hobby or past time?
    11. What do I value most in life?
    12. What is my favourite movie?
    13. What keeps me going when I suffer a setback?
    14. What will be my last meal?


    What’s next? 

    What new things have you learned about your family members, friends or even colleagues? What new things about yourself have they learned? Most importantly, was the objective of the game met?

    After all the sharing (and the laughter), it will be a waste not to seize this opportunity further. Here are some ways in which you can further carry on the conversation:

    1. Carry on the conversation with your loved ones on the more pertinent questions
    2. Explore the possibility of nominating someone in the group as your nominated healthcare spokesperson and tell him/her.
    3. Encourage them to visit www.livingmatters.sg to do the ACP workbook together.