• What is Advance Care Planning

    Advance Care Planning (ACP) is the process of planning for your future health and personal care. Having ACP conversations with your loved ones allows you to:

    • Share your personal values and beliefs
    • Explore how your values and beliefs affect your healthcare preferences in difficult medical situations
    • Think about who among your loved ones can be your voice if you become very ill one day
  • By making your wishes known, your loved ones and caregivers do not have to guess what you might want or not want.

  • Why should I plan ahead?

    JohnTay John's Story

    John first heard about ACP from his mother's doctor. He shares how the ongoing conversation enabled her to share her wishes for care.

    Sylvia Sylvia's Story

    Sylvia recounts her experience when her mother was introduced to ACP through an ACP Facilitator and how the conversation brought her family closer.

  • Who is Advance Care Planning for?

    Exploring, discussing and sharing future wishes for care is for everybody regardless of age or health condition.
  • Who should I ask to make future decisions on my behalf?

    If an unexpected event should happen and you can no longer speak for yourself, can your loved ones be your voice?

    Use this checklist to guide your decision:

    My surrogate or nominated healthcare spokesperson should:

    • Be willing to represent my voice during a medical crisis. 
    • Know my preferences, values and goals. 
    • Be willing to follow my known care wishes as much as possible in making decisions about my healthcare.
    • Be able to make decisions on my behalf under stressful situations. 

    You can ask more than one person to be your voice, but be sure to discuss your wishes with them in advance so that they know how to decide for you if you can no longer decide for yourself.